Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A New Career Choice: Nursing?

I've used the big job boards for finding work. Monster and CareerBuilder have a lot of jobs but I think there's a lot of crap on there too.

Granted, the jobs I was looking at I would not qualify for without some additional coursework but I could not believe how many staffing agencies post so much duplicate jobs on there with different locations.

I was looking at nursing jobs. There is one agency just listing and listing and listing their nursing jobs with different locations.

I'm sure they "need" to staff those locations but, geez, it's hard to find other listings when they dominate like that.

So, I've been looking at different careers -- particularly ones that don't require sitting all day -- because I feel like a couch potato after sitting all day at work.

I don't think it would be that hard to take up nursing because I already have a science background. (My degree's in biology.) I like working in a emergency situations, so nursing might be a good fit.

I've been looking into what I need to do and it seems that I have a couple options. There are programs that allow me to do a master's degree in nursing without a current RN license.

I would end up getting that license as I go through the program. That would be pretty sweet.

I then end up with a master's degree in nursing, which means I would be an advanced practitioner nurse.

Anyway, I was mentioned about job boards. They really are crap. I wonder what success ratio people have when using them.

There has to be a ton of people applying to the same jobs, so it's got to be competitive, I'm pretty sure of that.

That said, I found my last job on one of these boards but -- ironically enough -- I ended up going through a staffing agency. The agency did not list the job 10,000 times with different cities, though. I was just lucky to see it and apply.

After I was hired, I found out that they ended up with more than 1,000 resumes sent to them.

That's a whole lot of resumes. Imagine being a recruiter trying to go through that much.

Yeah, I can see that's a job I don't want. I may revist this nursing idea again in the future.

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