Sunday, June 22, 2014

Can Electricians Have Tattoos?

Electricians often find themselves working in the homes or businesses of their clients. It is important for them to look professional and welcoming while one the job. A client wants to make sure the person coming into their home is someone they can trust. Unfortunately in today society many people find it hard to trust people. Especially someone they hired to do a job they may not know anything about. So that possesses the question, can electricians have tattoos? In this article I will go over the pros and cons to this question because it is one that many people have different opinions on.

Pros- Today you find many people getting tattoos. Something that use to be a tradition for sailors and Native Americans a long time ago are now common among housewives and the average college student today. Many people often get a tattoo after a pressured decision by friends or they often want a change in their lives and go for something different. However, others often get them for more personal reasons. I know many people who have gotten a tattoo after a loved one dies and they want something to remember them by. A memento on their body seems more fitting than buying a every day carry tool or flowers. You also have those who get them for religious or cultural reasons. These are just a few reasons why tattoos should be accepted in the workplace. I mean does a tattoo truly reflect a person’s personality? And should we really judge that person over a tattoo?

Cons- Like every pro there is always a con. Sure people get tattoos for personal or religious reasons but you also have the people who get them for gang affiliation purposes or drug use. Some get ones that at one time they thought were funny but in the end might be offensive to a group of people or culture. What some people fail to remember when they plan to get a tattoo is that it is permanent and takes a lot of money, pain and time to get it removed. Is this decision really going to be worth it down the road?

Electricians like everyone else really need to think about the decision they make to get a tattoo before they go through with it. They will be working with many different clients who may or will think differently of them than the ones before. When working for another person especially in an environment that a person feels safe (i.e. their house or work) you want that person to trust you. Are they going to feel comfortable if you have a marijuana leaf tattooed on your shoulder or a gang sign you once thought was cool tattooed on you wrist? Probably not!

Also it is good to think about your career. Yes some electricians' ultimate goal in life is to own their own business so they can be their own boss, but before you often want to work for a company or another business to gain more experience in the business world. Will your future employer trust the tattoos you have displayed or are they going to judge you and not trust you to work with clients alone? Of course it is not fair to judge someone based off the tattoos they have but sometimes that is all people can go by. I mean most tattoos do symbolize something of you or who you use to be. And sometimes they do not like waiting around long enough to find out how you do on the job and will go hire someone they feel to be more professional.

In my opinion it is hard to side one way. I think before anybody gets a tattoo, not just those who want to be an apprentice electrician, should really put some thought into what they are about to do. And if they still want to get one maybe put it somewhere it will be covered up and not seen by future clients. If you have a tattoo for religious reasons or personal, discuss that with you future work place.  You will find that most places can understand once you talk with them. Or find a place that is okay with you having tattoos and is willing to judge you based off personality and hard work. In the end before you make the decision to get a tattoo stop and think!

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